I’ve always wanted to be able to produce clean energy, however for that you need to have either a roof (for solar panels) or a bit of ground (for solar panels or a wind turbine).

As I haven’t got any of these, here is a story from my friend, who’s got a roof …

‘When I moved house, I was keen to be as energy efficient as possible. Solar photovoltaic panels were suggested on my home energy report. I was lucky to hear about Sustainable Selkirk, and have a home energy assessment done. After discussing SolarPV panels with the Home Energy Adviser and attending an online meeting I decided to go ahead and get Solar panels.

The local company I approached was very helpful. The director came to discuss how the system worked, and the benefits, and was able to explain it all in an understandable way. The work was done very quickly. The panels were put up on the roof with very little disruption, the workmen were mainly outside. The internal connections, controls and storage battery were put in a couple of days later. It took longer than expected because of some unusual electrical problems in my house. The engineer and electrician were very patient and worked hard to sort out the problems. They made sure I was kept informed of what was happening. Once it was installed everything was explained, and any questions, however silly, were answered. As it is November I do not expect my Solar panels will produce much energy, but there have been some sunny days when I could see there has been some electricity produced. I have every confidence that if I have any questions or problems I will get the answers or support I need from the company. I am pleasantly surprised how quick and easy it has been to get my Solar panels.’ (SK)