Appliances running costs

Have you ever wondered how much do you pay for using an appliance? These costs are from last year, so this year you are paying even more. That’s why it is important not to leave appliances on stand-by (with some exceptions, such as for example your broadband router) and make sure that we are using them in the most efficient way.

Using wood stoves efficiently

If you live in a smoke control area it is an offence to produce smoke from a chimney of a building, or a chimney of any fixed boiler, unless you’re burning an authorised fuel or using exempt appliances (e.g. burners or stoves). In practice this means that in a smoke control area it is illegal to burn house coal or wood in an open fire, although it is legal to burn these in a stove or other appliance that has been approved to burn that fuel. That’s why it is important to use both a right stove and a right fuel.

Heating controls

According to Energy Saving Trust potential savings of using heating controls efficiently are:

  • ‘£55 and 300kg of carbon dioxide a year by turning the room thermostat down by one degree
  • £70 and 300kg of carbon dioxide a year by installing and correctly using a programmer, room thermostat and thermostatic radiator valves.

These are typical savings for a typical three-bedroom semi-detached home, heated by gas. Figures are based on fuel prices as of June 2021.’